Bargoed Chiropractic can help you

Several high profile athletes are well known to use Chiropractic treatments to stay on top of their game. Paula Radcliffe, a high profile british marathon runner is known to visit her Chiropractor regularly, especially before competition.

Other athletes include Aaron Rodgers, 2011 super bowl champion, Lance Armstrong, seven times Tour de France champion, Evander Hollyfield, former world heavyweight boxing champion, Michael Jordan, basketball legend, Tiger Woods, professional golfer, to name but a few. Other famous people who actively promote the Chiropractic profession are Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger. The fact that high profile individuals and top athletes endorse Chiropractic treatment to stay in shape has benefited the Chiropractic profession, and helped put Chiropractic care on the map in relation to sporting injuries, and sports injury prevention.

Bargoed Chiropractic

The most commonly encountered sports injuries in the sporting world are injuries to the ankle, knee, wrist, elbow and shoulder as well and neck and back injuries. Traditionally injuries to these areas will be treated with massage, heat, and other soft tissue techniques. Chiropractors approach these injuries differently. Most of these problems are likely to stem from mechanical dysfunction. For example, footballers who suffer recurrent hamstring strains are likely to have stiffness and dysfunction of joints of the lower back and especially the pelvis.

A Chiropractor would look at the biomechanics behind the injury, and not just treat the symptoms. A footballer with flexible hamstrings, and functioning and mobile lumbar and pelvic joint are less likely to strain their hamstrings. For this reason top athletes attend for Chiropractic care not just when injured, but on a regular basis to keep their joints mobile, and keep any dysfunction at bay.