How Can Podiatry help?

Care of the feet is not purely for cosmetic benefit. our feet cary us through life and if they are uncomfortable our day to day activities becomes very difficult. A Podiatrist may observe conditions on or in our feet that we are unaware of, helping us to prevent problems before they occur.

Podiatry is about maintaining the feet to enable us to live our daily life in comfort.

Podiatry Treatment:

Treatment consists of a relaxing foot soak then the following as required -
Nail Cutting / Callous Removal / Cuticle clearing / Corn removal / Ingrowing toenail treatment
Fungal Nail Assessment / Thickened Nail Treatment / Verruca Assessment / Athletes Foot Assessment
Finally the feet are massaged with moisturising cream and powdered.
If needed, preventative padding is fitted during treatment.

Who can Podiatrist treat?

Anyone with a foot problem may visit a chiropodist. The treatment given will be based on the needs of the patient and the discretion of the practitioner. The chiropodist will treat diabetics, however in all cases, advice may be given as to the need to visit a GP.

About the Podiatrist

Helen Fricker M.Inst.Ch.P. HCPC registered

Helen first worked for the Scholl Company in their Coventry shop where she completed training for the fitting of - shoes, support hosiery and arch supports. She qualified as a Podiatrist at the Scholl Training School in London in 1988.

Helen has been self employed since 1990 when she began a private mobile chiropody practice in the East Gwent area, and has recently joined forces with the Bargoed Chiropractic clinic to provide a Podiatrist service in the area.
Member of the Institute of Chiropodists and Podiatrists www.iocp.org.uk
Registered with the Health & Care Professions Council www.hcpc-uk.org