Sport Massage

Sports Massage & Other massage techniques

What is Sports Massage?
Sports massage is typically aimed at athletes, or those who perform regular exercise, to optimise performance, or to help post exercise recovery. It is however is beneficial for anyone from all walks of life to alleviate the stresses and tensions that may arise in soft tissues from daily life, occupational stress or physical exercise.
Massage may help promote a self of well being, and aid in relaxation. It can also boost blood supply to muscles helping in recovery, and to break down scar tissue to help tissue repair.
Our Therapists are qualified and accredited by the FMT.
Our therapists may use more than one massage technique during your treatment to obtain the best result such as hot stones, bamboo or deep tissue techniques.
The therapist will obtain a thorough consultation pre - treatment to obtain your health status, and discuss your expectations.
You may be given advice on further treatment or any stretches that may help you.
Some benefits of sports massage include:
Release of muscular tension and discomfort
Improve drainage of waste products
Reduce discomfort of DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)
Improve posture and flexibility
Pre-event preparation and post-event recovery
Regular sports massage may help prevent injuries which may otherwise be caused by overuse